Water damage can strike at any moment, and when it does, you need a trusted partner to restore your property swiftly and effectively. At Cyclone Cleaning Restoration Services, we specialize in comprehensive water damage cleaning and restoration in New Bedford. Our dedicated team understands the urgency and emotional toll associated with water damage, and we are committed to providing personalized, top-notch services.

Swift Response to Water Emergencies

Whether it’s a frozen pipe, heating system malfunction, storm-related flooding, or a water main break, the consequences of water damage can be severe. Cyclone Cleaning Restoration Services is your rapid response team, ready to mitigate the damage and restore your home or business to its pre-damage state. We act promptly, working seamlessly with insurance companies to streamline the process.

Decades of Expertise at Your Service

With a history spanning decades, Cyclone Cleaning Restoration Services has been the go-to choice for water damage cleaning and restoration in New Bedford. Our experienced professionals have tackled a wide range of water damage scenarios, from minor leaks to major floods. Trust us to leverage our expertise to address your unique needs.

Personalized Water Damage Restoration

Unlike cookie-cutter approaches, our water damage restoration services are tailored to your specific situation. We recognize that every water damage incident is unique, and we employ customized solutions to ensure a thorough and effective restoration. Your satisfaction and the restoration of your property are our top priorities.

A Family-Owned Commitment to Excellence

As a family-owned company, Cyclone Cleaning Restoration Services takes pride in its commitment to excellence, quality, and integrity. We consider each restoration project not just a job, but a way of supporting our community. Our reputation for reliability and dedication to providing top-tier services sets us apart.

Your Right to Choose

You have the right to choose your water damage restoration contractor, and Cyclone Cleaning Restoration Services is the trusted choice in New Bedford. We have earned the respect of insurance adjusters in the area, and our track record speaks for itself. Choose Cyclone for a seamless, stress-free restoration experience.

Don’t let water damage disrupt your life. Contact Cyclone Cleaning Restoration Services today for unparalleled water damage cleaning and restoration services in New Bedford. We’re here to restore your property and bring peace of mind.

Latest News

Latest News from Cyclone Cleaning & Restoration Services

You Have the Right to Choose

You Have the Right to Choose

When disaster strikes your home of business, it's important to know that you have the right to choose your disaster restoration contractor. Cyclone Cleaning and Restoration Services of New Bedford, MA has over 40 years of experience in the New Bedford, MA smoke damage...

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Water Damage Restoration Company New Bedford MA

Water Damage Restoration Company New Bedford MA

Fire damage isn’t the only devastation a home can suffer. Water damage is much more prevalent, but no less destructive. A frozen pipe, a tiny break in the heating system, flooding from a big storm or a street accident causing water main breaks can all make your home...

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Smoke Damage Restoration Company New Bedford MA

Smoke Damage Restoration Company New Bedford MA

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Our Happy Customers

What our customers have to say about Cyclone Cleaning.

What our water boiler let go and flooded our finished basement, we were devastated. However, our insurance agent recommended Cyclone Cleaning and Restoration Services. They responded to our call immediately. Within a couple days they had the whole area cleaned up and restored. We can't recommend them highly enough!


Jeff W.

New Bedford, MA

I have used Cyclone Cleaning for over fifteen years, they have provided both commercial and residential services with excellent results. Timely, professional and just plain good at what they do. They are dependable and provide great service with amazing results. Whether it is the rock salt walked into the commercial carpets or the "gifts" left behind at home by red wine, kids or pets their expertise make it all disappear.

Carol Duphily

I use Cyclone Cleaning Services routinely for my cleaning needs. Cyclone Cleaning provides services like fire restoration cleaning, mold removal, mold testing, general construction clean up, general household cleanup, boats, airplanes etc. I have used Cyclone for all of the cleaning needs that I just mentioned and they do an especially good job. (Outside of airplanes, but if I had one I wouldn't hesitate to call Cyclone!) I have had everything from fires to leaks in buildings and apartments that I manage. Cyclone is extremely responsive and they provide a knowledgeable and extremely capable team of cleaning experts that know just what to do to get your property back into a safe and clean environment. Cyclone always makes sure to clean above and beyond what industry standards require for cleanup and restoration. I would recommend Cyclone Cleaning Services for any and all of your cleaning needs!

Ian Steen

Cyclone provides the best, personalized service that I've ever encountered. They did an entire house mildew removal for me that was both reasonable and flawless! They cleaned wooden doors that I thought I'd have to replace. I now call them for any rug or floor cleaning needs, knowing fully that the work will be outstanding and the cost very reasonable. I recommend them without reservation.


Bob Joseph

Fairhaven, MA

The best cleaning service, bar none. Carpets were cleaned to perfection in a very reasonable time, people are the best. I would consider no one else. Honestly.


During a holiday weekend we had a freeze up in our fire sprinkler system. Therefore about 7 inches of water was introduced to our building. This caused considerable damage to our building. Ceilings floors walls and equipment.
Cyclone was on site very quickly brought in a crew and dried out all the water, rebuilt the space very professionally with expert sheet rockers, painting and carpeting. I would highly recommend Cyclone as both a cleaning service and one that can handle a building emergency.

Karen Variuer

Cyclone is a family owned, LOCAL business, so they take care of their customers. They are bona fide experts in hard floors, carpets and restoration work after water or fire damage. I love it when the guys come by for whatever job I may need. They arrive in marked vans and wear Cyclone shirts so you know you are getting the real deal. They are always professional and polite, not only with me, but with each other. A class act all the way around.

BD Yasny